Leader and innovator in the Bulgarian stock market. Investing in proper, elite
and high-quality sites in Western Europe.
Providing profitable exposures
to the residential real estate market in Western Europe.
Maintaining high quality of performance and professionalism.


The Company’s subject of activity includes purchase of real estate, construction, completion and transformation of the use of residential buildings, as well as the sale of land and real estate, either directly or through subsidiaries or participations in companies with a view to the realization of these activities.

The capital of the Company amounts to BGN 9 995 000 distributed into 99 950 ordinary, dematerialized, registered voting shares, each with a nominal value of BGN 100 (one hundred).









Neo London Capital PLC has a one-tier management system.

The management bodies of the Company are:

  • · General Meeting of Shareholders
  • · Board of Directors








Board of Directors


Hristiyan Lachezarov Dankov
Antonia Stoyanova Vidinlieva
Liliya Lyubomirova Gyurova