Neo London Capital

Neo London Capital PLC

Neo London Capital Corp. is a leading and innovating public company listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia.

The main investment projects of the Company are refocused on the property market in Western European countries, as well as the acquisition of holdings (stocks) in companies operating in the real estate sector in Western Europe.

The company plans to invest the funds from the public offering primarily in the following segments of real estate properties- residential and / or vacation properties and in companies from these sectors. The main investment criteria are:

• The attractive location of the property;
• Cost of the property;
• Expected possible cost per conversion of the property;
• Development of local property infrastructure;
• Availability of quality potential partners.

The main investments of the company include:

• Direct purchase of residential / vacation properties under construction or conversion preliminary contract;
• As a shareholder in project companies, established for the purpose of execution of a specific project on the construction of homes / holiday homes in Western Europe.
• Joint venture with a local partner.
• Acquisition of stakes in companies operating in the real estate sector.



1309 Sofia, Vazrazhdane area,
137 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., office 20

Investor Relations Director:
Deyan Ivanov,
tel: +359885137483